Treat scar tissue with acupuncture and get real results!

Why is it important to treat Scar tissue?

In Chinese medicine, significant scars are considered to block the flow of the qi to the meridians, (similar to the nerve and blood vessel damage pointed to by Western medicine) causing not only pain and decreased circulation, but also potentially impaired internal organ function depending on the meridian affected.

Scars may not only be cosmetically undesirable, but may also have an impact on the health of the individual.

Large scars with abnormal coloration, painful, lumpiness, numbness, tingling, itchiness, heat or cold sensations, achiness or pain, tenderness to touch, and muscle restriction should be treated.

We treat all Scar with Acupuncture and Moxa

We can treat all scar from Keloid to surgical scars that are more then 1 month or even older,  over 5 years old with acupuncture and Moxa. In combination with these two treatment methods they reduce scar tissue and help to reduce pain and tingling sensation.

Moxa (Is a gentle warming treatment achieved by burning dried mugwort), . Small amounts of moxa may be burned directly on the skin -with paw paw oinment as a medium to prevent burns- around the scar, or a stick of rolled moxa may be burned above the site to warm the area. Both methods are pleasant and very effective.

How many treat will you need?

Everyone is different in the way they heal it depends of the age of the scar. I have treated a client recently who got results with a 3 month old scars and faded after 3 weekly treatments. Usually we suggest 5 weekly treatments then review how many further treatments you will need.


A 2014 Study used UK acupuncturist (“surrounding the dragon“) using needles directly around and through the scar) with distal points . After eight treatments in 5 weeks the scar pain had reduced from a 7/10 to a 1-2/10. Such treatments can not only reduce scar pain, but also help to break up scar tissue and adhesions, increase local circulation, and aid healing. This leads to flatter, smaller, less noticeable scars and a reduction of keloiding.


We suggest to use a topical spray at home?

Zheng Gu Shui is a lineament that contains Dang gui and other Chinese Herbal medicine it’s beneficial for deep scars that may have adhesions to underlying tissues (for example surgical scars). They can improve local circulation, healing of the scar and the area that was injured, and reduce associated pain. It is better for healing and restoring health to the area than for cosmetic scar reduction.

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