Boost your health with bone broth

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What are the healing benefits of bone broth

In China they having been making bone broths with Chinese herbs for centuries to benefit the immune system or just to nourish and strengthen the digestion.

Broth is a traditional food that your grandmother likely made. There are many reasons for incorporating good-old-fashioned bone broth into your diet. Broth is a mineral rich infusion made by boiling bones of healthy animals with vegetables, herbs and spices.

The health benefits:

  • Promotes healthy hair and nail growth
  • It’s good for arthritis and joint pain It contains glucosamine and chondroitin – which help effects of arthritis and joint pain. Rather than taking glucosamine-chondroitin and mineral supplements, just make bone broth.
  • Promotes strong, healthy bones; bone broth contains high amounts of calcium, magnesium, and other nutrients that play an important role in healthy bone formation.
  • Reduces joint pain and inflammation; Contains chondroitin sulphates, glucosamine, and other compounds extracted from the boiled down cartilage.
  • It helps relieve stress and anxiety. Calming, anti-stress minerals like calcium and potassium are abundant in bone broth and easily absorbed. Glycine acts an important inhibitory neurotransmitter in the brainstem and spinal cord exerting quieting, relaxing action and promoting natural sleep.
  • Helps heal and seal your gut, and promotes healthy digestion: Supports the stomach and Spleen qi/ energy in Chinese Medicine. Bone broths have been used successfully in treating gastro-intestinal disorders, including hyperacidity, colitis, Crohn’s disease, and infant diarrhea.
  • It’s great for thyroid issues: Eating meat with a rich source of gelatin counters the negative effects of methionine, cysteine and tryptophan leading to a more efficient metabolism (healthy thyroid).
  • Strengthen the immune systems. It’s rich in calcium, magnesium, phosphorus and other trace minerals, which are easily absorbable, thus assisting the immune system.

Easy Chicken Broth Recipe

You can make use of left over carcass bones that would otherwise be thrown away. And while the thought of making your own broth may seem intimidating at first, it’s actually quite easy.

Bone broth provides you with a variety of important nutrients—such as calcium, magnesium, chondroitin, glucosamine, and arginine—that you may otherwise be spending a good deal of money on in the form of supplements.

You can use chicken carcass, bone marrow, beef bones or fish bones in your bone broth.

Ingredients for homemade chicken broth

2 to 3 Organic Chicken carcass or 1 whole organic chicken.

4 Cups cold filtered water

½ Cup apple cider vinegar

1 large onion, coarsely chopped

2 organic carrots and coarsely chopped

3 organic celery stalks, coarsely chopped

1 bunch parsley

½ cup Goji Berries

5 Chinese Red dates (Both Dates and Goji berries nourish the blood)

Please note the addition of vinegar. Not only are fats are ideally combined with acids like vinegar, but when it comes to making broth, the vinegar helps leech all those valuable minerals from the bones into the stockpot water, which is ultimately what you’ll be eating.

The goal is to extract as many minerals as possible out of the bones into the broth water.

Cooking Directions

There are lots of different ways to make bone broth, and there really isn’t a wrong way.

If you’re starting out with a whole chicken, you’ll of course

have plenty of meat as well, which can be added back into the broth later with extra herbs and spices to make a chicken soup.

Fill up a large stockpot (or large crock pot or slow cooker) with pure, filtered water. Add vinegar and all vegetables, goji berries and Chinese Red dates except parsley to the water.

  1. Place the whole chicken or chicken carcass into the pot.
  2. Bring to a boil, and remove any scum that rises to the top.
  3. Reduce the heat to the lowest setting and let simmer.
  4. If cooking a whole chicken, the meat should start separating from the bone after about 2 hours. Simply remove the chicken from the pot and separate the meat from the bones. Place the carcass back into the pot and continue simmering the bones for another 12-24 hours and follow with step 8 and 9.
  5. If cooking bones only, simply let them simmer for about 24 hours.
  6. Add the fresh parsley about 10 minutes before finishing the stock, as this will add healthy mineral ions to your broth.
  7. Remove remaining bones from the broth with a slotted spoon and strain the rest through a strainer to remove any bone fragments.


Bone Broth is Medicinal

Simmering bones over low heat for an entire day will create one of the most nutritious and healing foods there is.

You can use this broth for soups, stews, or drink it straight. The broth can also be frozen for future use.

Drink 1 cup a day to boost your health.


Try it today your body will thank you for it.