What is shingles and how to treat it?





Shingles is also known as Herpes Zoster it is a re-activation of the chicken pox virus. It usually attacks people who have a compromised immune system and it can attack suddenly.

It can be brought on by stress, when the individual has been sick, anticancer drugs or the use of immune suppressant drugs.



  • Severe stabbing pain with burning sensation on the skin.
  • A red strip of rash with blisters. (Appears within a week)
  • The blisters can be either painful or itching.
  • These rashes usually occur on the face, head, eyes, scalp, along the ribs, abdomen, groin or thigh.
  • The virus usually attacks the nerve sensor located under the skin.


In Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) shingles explanation is the presence of pathogenic factor Damp, Heat or Wind in the body.

  • DAMP: If it is predominate then the lesions are more likely to be fluid and usually found on the lower body.
  • HEAT: The blisters will have more redness and severe pain.
  • WIND: The lesions will be more itching and likely to be on the upper body.


The location of the lesions will indicate the channel that has been affected in TCM;

  • Lesions on the head and face involve the yangming and shaoyang channels.
  • Lesions on the flanks and intercostal involve Liver and Gallbladder channels.



Acupuncture and Chinese herbal formula are very effective in treating all stages of shingles.

Acupuncture can boost the immune system, deactivate the virus, assist with the pain relief, clear the shingle eruptions and also shorten the healing time from several weeks to less then one week.

The overall effect is to strengthen the body’s resistance and aid in expelling the toxins.


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