Ten health benefits of ginger

In Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) raw ginger has been used for medicinal purposes for more than 4000 years. It has many healing benefits.

The Chinese believe than even moderate amounts of ginger tea strengthen the lungs and the kidneys. A study by the University of Minnesota found that ginger may slow the growth of colorectal cancer cells.

Ten health benefits of this powerful raw root:

  1. Relieves morning sickness
  2. Cold and flu preventative
  3. Aids menstrual cramping
  4. Heart burn relief
  5. Motion sickness remedy
  6. Natural immune support
  7. Assists arthritis
  8. Good for digestion
  9. Relieves nausea
  10. Lowers cholesterol

How to use ginger:

Preparation method: Add fresh grated ginger root to make a herbal tea by putting in sauce pan with 5 cups of water and boil.
Dosage: Drink one cup a day to get the full healing benefits.


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